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With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to design and build your outdoor area. You want to take advantage of the seasons and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space, but you’re at a loss on how to achieve your dream. And while the magazines and tv shows display beautiful ideas, they may not fit your space. When you decide to design your outdoor space, consider six things.

What Is the Purpose of Your Outdoor Living Room?

When considering your outdoor living space, you need to determine the room’s purpose. Yes, you want a place for friends and family to gather, but what will you be doing? Popular focal points include an outdoor dining area, a fire pit, and a sunset.

Where’s the Best Location for Your Outdoor Living Area?

Location determines where in the yard you want to establish your outdoor space. Since not all outdoor living spaces use the entire yard, placement is crucial not to make the rest useless. Additionally, consider the surrounding environment. Is your home on a lake or river? Is it tucked away in the woods? Do you love watching the sunrise and sunset? Your answers to these questions and similar ones help determine the best place in the yard for your outdoor space.

Consider the Size of Your Outdoor Living Space

Size is essential for planning purposes. Smaller spaces are limiting but easier to fill and more affordable than extensive areas. On the flip side, larger rooms are excellent for accommodating several people, but it can be hard to design the space with the outdoor furnishings you want with a limited budget. Consider the size of your outdoor area to help give you parameters for spending and design options.

Different Shapes Affect Your Outdoor Living Room

Similar to size, the shape of your outdoor space impacts the design elements. Square rooms are best for traditional seating areas and tables, whereas a circular room is perfect for gathering around an outdoor fireplace. The shape of your space helps determine the best furnishings and purpose for your area.

The Ambiance of Your Outdoor Living Area

Most outdoor areas have a specific ambiance, even if it’s not the focal point of the outdoor space. Many homeowners use a fire pit, outdoor heater, water, and plants, like an herb garden, to create a friendly and cozy room.

If you want your outdoor space to be relaxing and an area to unwind after a long day, consider natural elements that improve your mood and relieve stress.

What Is Your Budget for Designing Outdoor Spaces?

When designing your outdoor room, your budget is an essential aspect. An established budget helps you determine various design elements to include in your entertaining space. To set a project budget, you need to assess what you can afford based on the design elements. How much outdoor seating do you want? Do you prefer a cozy patio with comfortable seating and a coffee table or a swimming pool? If you’re designing a fire pit area, do you want outdoor rugs as an accent piece? Once you determine your list of needs and wants, you have a better idea of what you can spend.


Designing your outdoor space is one of the many exciting parts of homeownership. To adequately create the yard of your dreams, you should consider your budget and the positioning of your designated area. When you settle on a design, make sure to contact Cross Custom Homes. We’ve been turning dreams into realities for years, and we can’t wait to work with you. Contact an outdoor designer today to start the yard transformation of a lifetime.

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