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In 2018, general contractors broke ground on 172,000 homes. Building a home is an exciting time for families, but it is also stressful. For some, the stresses and upfront costs of a custom builder are enough to deter them. Others want to build a house, but they don’t know when it’s a good time to do so. Deciding the best time to create a custom home is a subjective decision. However, some objective ways will help you decide on the right time.

Three Ways You Know You Are Ready to Build a Home

It is hard to know when is the right time to build a home. But given this dilemma, there are three things you can do to make your dream house a reality:

  1. Be financially prepared.
  2. Have a design process and layout in mind suited to your lifestyle.
  3. Be ready for a transitional period.

Be Financially Prepared

Paying for a custom build is more than the construction loans themselves. You need to pay for the land. While you can finance the land and construction, the bank and lender must approve you for a loan based on your credit.

Once approved for the construction project, it’s time to make a down payment. The upfront cost for a custom home building process is approximately 20-25% of the construction loan itself, without considering the cost of purchasing land. Ensure you can afford a custom-built home financially, especially since you never know what additional charges might come up later.

Have a Design Process and Layout in Mind Suited to Your Lifestyle

Another way to know you are ready to build your own home is that your current residence and other houses on the market do not meet your needs and lifestyle. Many people who end up with custom homes believe it is better to invest in a home explicitly made for them than to settle on a living space that does not give them what they need. When building a custom home, visit model homes for inspiration, consult with an interior designer, and decide on an architectural style.

Be Ready for a Transitional Period

When it comes time to build your dream home, you should be ready for a transitional period. Custom home builders take several months–US Census estimates 8-10 months to create a custom home. If you quickly sell your existing home during the building process, you need to have another place to stay–like an apartment or hotel room, which is an additional expense to buying land and building a house.


Even though there is no concrete answer to when you should build a home, there are multiple ways to know if you are ready. It would be best if you had finances set aside for anything that may happen during the build with enough money for the down payment, an understanding of what you specifically want in your home, and a second living location during construction.

If you are ready to build your new home in the North Texas area, let Cross Custom Homes turn your dream into a reality. With years of experience as a custom home builder and a passion for constructing your vision, we promise quality construction, affordability, and open communication. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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