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The turning of the calendar year brings on plenty of resolutions, from losing the weight you might have gained over the holidays to paying off the debts you accumulated over the holidays. Maybe this year it’s time to make a resolution you’ll actually carry through on, such as getting the one gift that couldn’t fit under the tree – your custom dream home.

You’ve been saving up, and the market is finally starting to improve, so why not make 2022 the year you finally start the process of planning and building the custom home that you’ll raise your family in, host your friends in, and grow old in? Here are just a few reasons why now is the time to stop imagining your perfect home and follow through with building it.

Get Exactly What You Want

Even if you can find a suitable home on the market, chances are that getting everything you want will be out of your price range. Not only that, but it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get exactly what you want with an existing home, and you could inherit a host of costly problems when you purchase a home that has been lived in before.

With a custom home, you’ll get everything brand new and just as you want it, along with warranties for construction and peace of mind.

Take Advantage of Economic Benefits

The economy, and particularly the housing market, is in full recovery mode. This means that your current home value and prospects for sale are on the rise, and also that purchasing another home is only getting more expensive.

Fortunately, interest rates for home loans are still low, and with the money you receive from a home sale, there’s no reason not to funnel your funds and your credit into building a custom home rather than settling for something you don’t really want that’s more than you want to spend.

It Could Cost Less than A Finished Home

When contractors build an entire development, they put up a lot of money up-front and they expect to recoup it and then some. This is accomplished with markups on everything, including materials and labor.

When you work with a custom home builder, you have much more opportunity to control costs and still get exactly what you want. I know what you’re thinking – plenty of home builders charge an outrageous amount as soon as the “custom” label applies.

However, there are companies like Cross Custom Homes that can give you the quality construction, materials, and finishes you’re looking for without applying a million-dollar price tag in the bargain. You could even end up with the perfect, custom home for less than what you might pay for a move-in ready house that’s not quite what you want anyway.

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