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One of the best parts about building a house is deciding where every room goes. You decide on your home’s layout, size, and overall concept. But with this great responsibility comes massive pressure to ensure you have everything you want.

If you decide you don’t like a specific layout once it’s built, it’s too late. So, determining where you want your primary bedroom is crucial.

Depending on your home, there are several options for master bedroom locations, but each spot has pros and cons. Continue reading to see which option is best for you.

First-Floor Primary Bedroom

One of the most common locations for the master bedroom is a first-floor bedroom. Since many people opt for this layout, this design choice has some excellent benefits.

The Pros

A first-floor master bedroom is easy to get to late at night. Easy access also means your little children can find you if they’re scared at night. 

Being on the first floor lets the adults wake up early to prepare breakfast or get ready for work without disturbing their sleeping children.

There’s additional security and a line of defense in an emergency.

The Cons

Since you’re on the first floor, you can easily hear everything in the living room, kitchen, and upstairs. Your room may not be as quiet as you would like.

Second-Floor Master Bedroom

Although this option isn’t as standard as a first-floor placement, the second floor is an excellent location for a primary bedroom if the design fits your needs.

The Pros

The other bedrooms are close. You can quickly put your kids to sleep and go to bed next door without walking down the stairs in the dark.

Headlights and other noises in and around the house won’t travel into your room, so that it will be quieter.

The Cons

Since your bedroom is next to your other bedrooms, you can easily hear your children wake up or struggle to fall asleep.

Your children will also hear you wake up early for work, which can affect your routine.

Front Master Bedroom

After deciding on the level, you’ll need to decide whether to have your primary bedroom at the front or back of the house.

The Pros

If you put your primary bedroom in front of your home, you’ll be near the door for emergencies.

You can easily see the front windows, who is at your door, or if you received a package. 

And depending on the location of your other bedrooms, you may be very close to your children, which is especially helpful when you have little ones.

The Cons

Having a primary bedroom at the front of your home means you’ll see and hear everything. Whether it’s noise on the street, your neighbors leaving, or street lights and headlights peering into your room, you’ll encounter instances when nuisances will wake you up.

Back Master Bedroom

Similar to a front master bedroom, a back master bedroom can pay significant dividends for you and your partner if you decide it’s the suitable layout. 

The Pros

Opting to put your master bedroom at the back of the house provides the privacy and quiet that make couples crave. Whether or not you have children, it’s nice to go to bed and have complete silence and peace.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about bright and noisy distractions waking you up in the middle of the night.

The Cons

The major drawback of putting your primary bedroom at the back of your house is that it separates you from everyone else. Although privacy is excellent, when you have children, it’s dangerous.

You won’t hear everything in your home, which can also be a security and safety issue.


Designing your dream home is a unique opportunity. You want to do it right so you can enjoy your home for many years. One of the most significant decisions is putting your master bedroom in the right spot.

Contact our support team if you’re still unsure about your master bedroom’s location after reading the above pros and cons. We can help you with your planning.

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