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Traditional house plans are the most popular house plan in America. With a combination of longevity and usefulness, homeowners love this style. Although this style stands the test of time, some issues could pose problems for your family.

Before deciding on your floor plan, consider the pros and cons of this particular floor plan to determine if it’s right for you.

Why You Should Use a Traditional House Plan

For several decades, open concept floor plans dominated the housing market. Everybody wanted their home to feel more significant than it was.

And while open concept house plans have their purpose and are great for some families, they aren’t for everyone.

Traditional house plans persevered through all the fads because they offer a classic design focused on privacy, cleanliness, and noise reduction.

Reason #1: Privacy

Traditional floor plans offer much more privacy for the family. With the use of halls and rooms, you can designate parts of your room for various activities and relaxation.

Sectioned off quarters of the house give you and your family quiet time to spend with each other. Whether in the media room, living room, or dining room, you can enjoy one another’s company.

Additionally, privacy is great when people do individual things, like recording a video or podcast or playing video games.

Reason #2: Cleanliness

Another reason to consider a traditional house plane is for cleanliness. Even perceived cleanliness is a perk with sectioned-off rooms.

Since each room has definitive parameters, it’s easier to contain the mess than if the kitchen, dining, and living rooms were one big area.

Having each room dedicated for a specific purpose makes cleaning much easier when the room is in use.

And when the room is not in use, there’s no mess to create, and the chaos in another room cannot spill over.

Reason #3: Noise Reduction

One of the best ways to reduce noise in your home is to use a traditional floor plan. With each wall that goes up, your contractor uses insulation to keep you warm and cool throughout the year.

But insulation has another benefit–noise reduction.

Insulation helps reduce the sound of traffic outside and inside your home, so if you have more of it in your house, your home will be quieter.

Consider a traditional floor plan if you prefer a quieter home without echoes. This style’s noise reduction capabilities also help improve the house’s privacy.

Watch Out for These Common Problems

Even though traditional floor plans are great for many families, there are some downsides you should know about before committing. When you go with this floor plan, you won’t be able to see little children or the elderly, and the home might feel stuffy and closed.

Reason #1: Lack of Sight Lines

As expected, when you have multiple rooms blocked off, there are fewer vantage points.

The lack of sightline is particularly a problem with children. If you’re unable to see them, it puts them at risk of an accident. Although this is a problem, there are some workarounds.

You can install an indoor window in the middle of a wall that gives you a visual into another room and doubles as an accent piece in the kitchens or dining room.

Reason #2: Stuffy and Closed

One of the most challenging parts of a traditional house plan is that it can sometimes feel stuffy and closed with all the rooms and separation.

Even though the rooms might be a large size, when you move the furniture into the room, it begins to feel tighter than planned.

You can mitigate this feeling by changing the furniture, the amount you put into the room, the color scheme, and the room’s purpose.

For example, you might initially think that your living room and playroom would be a great combination for your children. However, once you move all the furniture in the room, you find it too crowded. If you create a designated playroom for the kids, you create more space in your living room.

What Works for Your Family?

Traditional house plans are great layouts for families and singles who like their privacy, easy room cleaning, and reduced noise. However, these same layouts can pose unique problems like a lack of sightlines into other rooms and a congested home.

Ultimately, you need to pick the right floor plan for your family’s needs. If you need help deciding on a floor plan or are ready to commit to a traditional house plan, let Cross Custom Homes help turn your dream home into a reality.

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