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Talking with a builder can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. You’re trusting this individual to make your dreams come true, but you don’t know much about them.

Most people know to ask about the cost of a build and the timeline. These questions are essential, but there are many more you should ask to help you decide on a builder.

Prevent future mistakes by asking the right questions before building a new home.

#1: What Are My Customization Options?

Working with a custom home builder means you can decide everything in your home–maybe. Even though a home builder might say they offer custom builds, “custom” can mean various things.

Some builders are rigid about the floor plan and only allow homeowners to customize furnishings, whereas others let you decide every design detail down to the door knobs.

It would help if you decided how much input you want to have in the design of your home. Once you know what you want, you can ask a home builder what customization features they offer in the construction process.

#2: Can I Visit a Current Construction Site?

Viewing online galleries and reading testimonials are great when conducting initial research. However, these images and reviews only share the perspectives of homeowners once the building is complete.

Visiting a construction site during the building phase allows you to see how the contractor works and how they communicate with the homeowners throughout the building process. 

This visit is crucial to know whether you can work with a builder–don’t wait for the final walk-through to see your home for the first time.

Some homeowners want to be hands-on and know about everything happening, whereas others prefer a more hands-off approach.

#3: Do I Need to Find Land on My Own or Will You Help?

Finding suitable land is one of the most challenging aspects of building a custom home. Not all land is suitable for residential buildings, so you should research nearby lots.

Doing this research on your own can be overwhelming. Some home builders provide land search services, so you can find suitable land much faster and often fast-track your custom build.

But the only way to know about this is to ask your potential home builder, and they may surprise you with their answer.


When working with a custom home builder, it’s crucial to ask questions besides the cost and timeline of building a home. There are several other questions to ask to help you determine which custom home builder is right for you.

As you prepare to meet with custom home builders, contact Cross Custom Homes. We’re transparent and will answer your questions honestly to give you the best idea of who you’re working with when building your dream home.

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