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When it comes to designing the exterior of your home, there are a wide range of styles to choose from. Your choice of exterior style not only reflects your personal taste and personality, it can also increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Here are five different home exterior styles to consider.


Contemporary homes are characterized by their sleek, modern design and focus on efficiency and sustainability. They often feature large windows and open floor plans that connect the interior spaces to the outdoor areas, creating a seamless flow between the two. The emphasis on natural light and outdoor spaces makes them perfect for homeowners who love spending time in the sun. They are typically constructed with a mix of materials such as glass, metal, and concrete.

When choosing the colors for the exterior of a contemporary home, it is common to see a mix of neutral colors with bright and bold accents. In terms of landscaping, a contemporary home is often paired with plants that are indigenous to the area, such as drought-resistant plants, succulents, or ornamental grasses.


Cottage homes are often characterized by their small size, with a focus on charm and coziness. They are typically one or two-story homes with irregular shapes, steeply pitched roofs, and picturesque exteriors that are full of character. The cozy feel of a cottage home is often achieved through the use of warm, inviting colors and natural materials such as wood and stone.

Cottage-style homes also often feature window boxes, shutters, and a front porch to add to the inviting feel of the home. The landscaping for a cottage-style home is typically filled with colorful and fragrant plants, such as roses, lavender, and hydrangeas.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern home exteriors are characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. This style was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and is seeing a resurgence in popularity today. Mid-century modern homes typically feature large windows, open floor plans, and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone.

When it comes to the color scheme of a mid-century modern home, it is common to see a mix of neutral and bold colors. Landscaping is often kept simple and minimalist to complement the clean lines of the home’s exterior.


Ranch-style homes are typically single-story homes with a long, low profile and a straightforward, functional design. They are known for their simple design and open floor plans, often featuring sliding glass doors that lead to a patio or backyard. Ranch-style homes are typically built with a rectangular or L-shaped floor plan, making them perfect for families.

The color scheme of a ranch-style home is typically simple and muted, with earth tones and pastel colors being popular choices. The landscaping for a ranch-style home is often kept simple and functional, with a focus on practicality over aesthetics.


Colonial-style homes are timeless, elegant, and often symmetrical. They are typically two or three stories, with a steep roof, a central chimney, and evenly spaced windows. They have simple, elegant lines, and are often characterized by their use of brick or stone.

The color scheme of a colonial-style home is typically traditional and muted, with shades of white and neutral tones being popular choices. Landscaping is often formal, with well-manicured lawns, hedges, and symmetrical garden beds.

When choosing the exterior style of your home, it’s important to consider not only your personal taste, but also the architecture of the home and the surrounding environment. By carefully choosing the exterior style of your home, you can create a look that not only reflects your personality, but also adds value and curb appeal to your property.

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