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The exterior of your home not only can increase curb appeal and help boost the overall value of your home, it also reflects your personality and taste. Here are some home exterior styles you should consider.


Contemporary homes may feature large windows and open floor plans, with sliding glass doors that connect the interior spaces to outdoor patios and decks.They are designed to be efficient and sustainable, with an emphasis on natural light and outdoor spaces.


Cottage homes are generally small, charming houses, with a cozy and inviting feel. They are characterized by their irregular shapes, steeply pitched roofs, and quaint, picturesque exteriors.

Mid Century Modern

Mid-century modern home exteriors typically have a minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation. Large windows and an open floor plan are also common features of these homes.


Ranch-style homes are a type of single-story residential building distinguished by its long, low profile and sparse exterior and interior decoration. Typically built with a rectangular or L-shaped floor plan, they have a straightforward and functional design and frequently include sliding glass doors that lead to a patio or backyard.


The symmetrical shape, central front door, and evenly spaced windows distinguish these timeless 17 century style homes. They typically have two or three stories, a steep roof, and a central chimney, and are characterized by having simple, elegant lines.

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