Planning Stage

The main purpose of this step in the process is preparation for construction to begin. Whether your needs are land allocation and plan design or neither, we will work with you to accomplish these steps in the process. While assisting in the plan design we are able to give preliminary budgets and estimates to help guide you through the design. Upon completion of the home design, we will send the plan to an engineering firm to design the slab and, if needed, other structural components of the home. Once the plan and engineering are finished we are able to give you definite pricing for the home.

This stage in the process also entails permitting if within the city limits, as well as financing. Your lender will need specific documents including the plan, engineering, and budget in order to finalize your loan.

On the building site, we will need to locate where the house is to be placed. Experience and thoughtfulness is crucial in this step to take into account sun orientation (mostly during the summer months), drainage, utility locations, and drive access.

Groundwork Stage

During this process, the dirt work will be done, as well as the slab. The dirt work will need to take into account the driveway and drainage as proposed in the plans and specifications. Before any concrete is placed, the foundation must be installed as according to the engineer’s plans, and must pass inspection by the said engineer. The plumbing drain lines and water lines are placed during this stage, also.

Framing & Rough-In Stage

This stage is one of the most exciting stages. The walls are going up and noticeable progress happens rapidly. During the framing, the windows are installed and the house is really taking shape with the walls and the roof in place. The HVAC system is installed as well as plumbing, electrical, and any security system or speaker wiring. One these systems have been installed, we hire a third-party inspector to take a look at the structure and show us where we can make improvements prior to sheetrock. Once completed, the insulation is installed and inspected. Like most things, there are several different methods of insulation to select from. We can help you balance up-front cost against long-term savings on your utility bills.

Drywall and Finishes

Sheetrock will be installed during this step in the process. The seams and nail and screw heads will be covered up with a finishing crew followed by the application of texture. Once this is complete, the trim and cabinets will be installed by expert craftsmen. The trim stage includes doors, trim around windows, crown molding, baseboards, faux beams, and any other decorative wood treatments that your home will receive. This will be followed up by painting and staining the materials in your home.

During this stage, your tile and countertops get installed as well. The ranges of tile and countertops are quite extensive and can be overwhelming; however, we will partner with professionals that can help us simplify the selection process and keep us on budget.

Mechanical Trims

This is the stage where the HVAC contractor, plumber, and electrician come back to install the fixtures associated with their scope of work. This includes vent covers, sinks, faucets, toilets, shower valves, light fixtures, plugs, switches, and the breaker box. Included in this list might also be speaker and security system installation. Figuratively speaking, at this point we are “rounding the final curve.” The finish line is ahead!

Completion and Closing

There is much going on at the house and behind the scenes as we near final completion. At the house, there will be flooring, cleaning, and touchups occurring. The mechanical systems will also be started, tested, and inspected. Grading and landscaping will be perfecting the outside vista. Behind the scenes, we will be setting up inspections, testing, and closing. There will be a formal meeting for us to perform our Homeowner Orientation where we walk you through your completed home and look at how everything works and how to properly maintain the systems that we installed in your home. Once these steps have been achieved, the moment you have been waiting for arrives…

Welcome Home!