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If you’re building a custom home, it’s likely that your top priority during the design process would include functionality. With the majority of homeowners having pets, you’ll probably opt for materials that are easy to clean and have rooms that are more accessible, especially if you own senior animals. Here are some of our recommendations of home features to add that will keep your furry family members in mind.

Hideaway Gates

To keep your pets in one area, or to keep them out of certain rooms, pocket doors or built-in pet gates are a great addition to a custom home. Adding these to your home will save time from setting up standard pet gates and also serves to be a safer option as it reduces any tripping hazards – built-in gates and pocket doors can be easily stored away when not in use.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Tiles or waterproof vinyl flooring is a great option for high-traffic areas, or any area where your pets are prone to have accidents. Not only are they easy to clean, but they are durable to last for years to come.

Pet Bath

Adding hot/cold spigots outdoors will make it easier for you to bathe your pets outside. Another option would be adding a dedicated pet bathing area, typically placed in the laundry room. Having a designated pet bath will keep your bathrooms clean and fur-free.

Central Vacuum

Vacuuming pet hair is a tedious job that can take several hours a week. Having inlets in each room and a single collection area would save you time from carrying your vacuum and broom around the house and allow for easy disposal of pet hair.

Pet Sleeping Area

Whether it’s an area under the stairs or built into your home office, a safe, quiet, cave-like area is a great addition to your home that allows your pet to have their own space in the home.

Building a home that accommodates your lifestyle is important because it not only keeps you organized, but it also considers each family member in mind. Contact us at Cross Custom Homes and we’ll get the design process started!

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